Welcome to Shrishti

Shrishti School of Culinary Arts & Crafts has become a synonymous name in South India over 2 decades (ESTD: 1992)

Shrishti - A learning centre under one roof for various Arts and Crafts, Cookery, Bakery, Cosmetology, Tailoring and many more professional art courses been taught by professionally trained erudite under the guidance of Smt.Lathamani Rajkumar- Director, Shrishti School of Culinary Arts & Crafts, Mylapore- Chennai.

It is the only centre where it fulfils the needs of Children’s, hobby artist and women segment, who has a thirst of learning step by step and innovative techniques in the field of art.

Specialised courses been taught and awarded with Shrishti Certificate and even students would be trained for Government Examinations, on completion would be awarded with Government certificates