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  • Certificate in “basic Beautician” awarded by “ANDHRA MAHILA SABHA” in 1987
  • Certificate in “Hair styling & Make-up” awarded by THE PAWAN SCHOOL OF BEAUTICIAN BANGKOK on 6.08.1995
  • Certificate in “International Aesthetic Treatments” awarded by LILLIAN MAUND-LONDAN ON 5.05.1987
  • Certificate in” Beauty Therapy, Hair Cutting, hair Dressing & Herbal Skin Treatment” awarded by INU’S BEAUTY ACADEMY on 2.07.1997
  • Certificate in Hair colouring” awarded by SAHWARZKOPF Professional, GERMANY on 25.03.1998
  • Certificate in “Cosmetology” awarded by “GOI, Ministry of Industry, Small Industries development” Organisation on 16.10.1998


  • Certificate in “General Cookery”(Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian, Continental & Inter-Continental) awarded by “SUSAN SCHOOL OF CULINARY ARTS” on 9.01.1987

Cake Baking & Icing

  • Certificate in “Basic- Cake Baking & Icing” awarded by “SUSAN”S SCHOOL OF CULINARY ARTS” ON 9.01.1986
  • Certificate in “Advanced-Cake Baking & Icing” awarded by “SUSAN”S SCHOOL OF CULINARY ARTS” on 9.01.1986

Food Processing / Preservation

  • Certificate in “Domestic Preservation of Fruits & Vegetables & Nutrition” awarded by GOI, Ministry of Food & Civil Supplies, department of Food, Food & Nutrition Board on 23.03.1989
  • Certificate in “Specialised Entrepreneurship Development Programme”- “Promoting Food Processing Industry ”awarded by GOI, Ministry of Food & Civil Supplies, department of Food, Food & Nutrition Board on 20.10.1989
  • Certificate in “Mushroom Culture, Processing & it’s Exports Prospects” awarded by GOI, Ministry of Industry, Small Industries Services Institute, Guindy on 30.10.1992
  • Certificate in “Food Industries – Processing, Preservation & it’s Export Market” awarded by GOI, Ministry of , Food processing Industries, New Delhi & Small Industries Service Institute, Ministry of Industry on 19.03.1993

Vegetable Carving

  • Certificate in “Vegetable Carving” awarded by “SUSAN”S SCHOOL OF CULINARY ARTS”

Pudding & Ice Cream making

  • Certificate in “Pudding & Ice Cream Making” awarded by “SUSAN”S SCHOOL OF CULINARY ARTS”

Dyeing & Printing

  • Certificate in “Dyeing & Printing” awarded by GOI, Ministry of Textiles, WEAVERS SERVICE CENTRE, Teynampet on 3.07.1990

Painting / Handicrafts

  • Certificate in “Freehand outline & Model drawing” awarded by DEPARTMENT OF GOVERMENT EXAMINATIONS, Chennai in the year 2010
  • Certificate in “Basic Sketching, Cartooning, Tanjore Painting, Glass Painting, Stained Glass Painting, Murals, Sculpting, Nib Painting, Pot Painitng, Fabric Painting, Knife Painting, Paper crafts etc” awarded by COLLEGE OF ARTS, Chennai



  • Conducted approximately 350 workshops on Fabric, Pot & Glass Painting organised by SNEHIDHI & CAMLIN LIMITED throughout Tamilnadu for nearly 4.5 years during the period 2003- 2008
  • Conducted nearly 22 workshops on WOMENS LIFE covering various activities useful for their day to day living organised by INDIAN EXPRESS & CAMLIN LIMITED throughout Tamilnadu for nearly 2.5 years during the period 2006- 2008
  • Conducted “Best out of Waste” workshop organised by DINAMALAR- SIRUMAR MALAR for 3 years during the period 2006- 2008
  • Conducted a FREE CAMP on ‘SCARF PAINTING” for physically challenged children & adults organised by Dr.lakshmi Narasimhan & Stanley Medical Hospital in the year 2010. The Scarf painted by them are being exported to USA through which they are able to earn their livelihood
  • Regularly conducting workshops on Arts, Handicrafts, Fabric, Pot, Glass Painting, Cookery & Cosmetology at various schools & College all over Tamil Nadu from 1999 onwards


  • PODHIGAI – DOORDHARSHAN TV ( from 1996 onwards) - 700 episodes approximately in COOKERY & HANDICRAFTS for past 15 years.
    Out of this, 165 LIVE episodesof one hour duration in COOKERY& HANDICRAFTS and about 45 LIVE – QUESTION & ANSWER episodes of one hour duration in COOKERY& HANDICRAFTS
  • JAYA TV (From Nov 2000 to Feb 2010) - 750 episodes approximately in ARTA & HANDICRAFTS on “INNIYA ILLAM PROGRAMME”
  • VIJAY TV (For 3.5 years, during the period 1996-2000) - 14 episodes in COSMETOLOGY/ HAIRSTYLE & MAKEUP
    350 episodes approximately in COOKERY


For past one decade, I have been writing under various columns

  • KUMUDHAM SNEHIDHI (Fortnightly) - From the year 2000 onwards
    Art/ Craft/ Cookery - Written Special Recipe Books
    Medicinal Cooking - Written Special Recipe Books
    Cosmetology - Beauty Therapy & Beauty Tips
  • INDIAN EXPRESS - WOMEN’S LIFE Column in Art/ handicrafts for nearly 4 Years during the period 20022- 2006
  • DINAKARAN - SELF- EMPLOYEMENT Column – Step by Step Demonstration of various Art/ Handicrafts/ Cookery items – With Complete details of Investment / Income for 2 years from 2005 to 2007
  • DINAMALAR - SIRUVAR MALAR – On various topics in Art/ Craft/ Cookery for nearly 5 years during the period 2002-2007
  • SPECIAL INTERVIEWS - By leading print media like THE HINDU, DINATHANTHI, MANGAI MALAR, DINAKARAN, KUMUDHAM SHEHIDHI, URATHA SINDHANAI, MYLAPORE TALK, PRIYANKA, JAYAM NICHAYAM etc about my achievements & Contributions in ART/ CRAFT/ COOKERY segments etc (Photo copies of the interview enclosed)


  • Over the past 2 decades I have successfully organized approximately 30 exhibitions on Cakes/ Bakery items: Fabric Painting, Art & Handicrafts etc

To mention a few are listed below

Hand Painted Products 1992 CP Art Centre, Chennai Mrs. Suhasini Manirathnam, Cine Actress
Cakes & Bakery 1992 TIC TAC Hall, Chennai Miss Ranjitha, Cine Actress
Hand Painted Products 1993 Community Service Centre, Cheenai Mr.Sivakumar, Cine Actor
Cakes & Bakery items 1993 Community Service Centre, Cheenai Miss. Khusboo, Cine Actress
Cakes & Bakery 1993 CP Art Centre, Chennai Miss Kasturi, Cine Actress
Hand Painted Products 1994 Sankara Hall, Chennai Mrs.Latha Saba, Cine Actress
Cakes & Bakery items 1995 CP Art Centre, Chennai Miss Rohini, Cine Actress
Acrylic Colour Painting on Canvas 2011 CP Art Centre, Chennai Shri.Viswam- Eminent Artist, Jaya Kumar- Art Director

Photo copies of the news items that appeared in the newspapers and Magazines on the important exhibitions conducted are enclosed herewith


  • “Mother Teresa Excellence Award” awarded by “Global Economic Progress & Research Association” on the occasion of 12th National Seminar for the outstanding ”Individual Achievements & National development” in the year 2011
  • “Best Culinary Art & Craft Teacher” awarded by PRIYA VISION, Chennai in the year 2009
  • “Best Performer” awarded by PODHIGAI CHANNEL TV for effective delivery of episodes as per the requirements of the channel in the year 2009
  • “Best Organiser” awarded for organising the art & Craft activities during the MYLAPORE FESTIVAL organised by SUNDARAM FINANCE in the year 2008
  • “Best Demonstrator” award on the topic “Best utilization of Waste” awarded by Dr.MGR JANAKI COLLEGE, Chennai in the year 2008
  • “Best Demonstrator” award in Textile designing awarded by THE COLLEGE OF ARTS, Chennai in the year 2007
  • “Best organiser” award for organising the FIRST “Women Entrepreneur Development Programme” on behalf of CANARA BANK in the year 2006
  • “Best women Entrepreneur” awarded by DINAMALAR in 2003 & thereafter consequently for two years 2005 & 2006
  • “Best Women Entrepreneur” awarded by SRUTHILAYA VIDHYALAYA during their 14th anniversary celebration at Rani Seethai Hall, Chennai in the year 2004
  • “Best Writer on Cookery/ Arts/ Handicrafts” awarded by URATHA SINDHINAI Writer’s ASSOCIATION” in the year 2004
  • “Best organiser” award for organising the “Entrepreneur Development Programme” -2002/ 2003 on behalf of KARVY for their investors
  • “Best Body Painting Award” for the super models o Mr/ Mrs Chennai Super Model 2002 awarded by MAYA & JINNAH CREATIONS
  • “Best Judge Award” in the inter collegiate cultural fest – “AAKRUTI 2001” conducted by GURU SHREE SHANTHI VIJAY JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, Chennai
  • “Best Coach” for coaching 6500 candidates during “VANNATHIRUVIZHA 2000” organised jointly by DINMALAR & CAMLIN LIMITED
  • “Best Demonstrator” award on various Bakery items awarded by ROTARY INTERNATIONAL in the year 1997


Name of the Organisation “Shrishti School of Culinary Arts & Crafts”
Founder / Director Smt. Latha Mani Rajkumar
Year of Commencement Year- 1992
Official Address 17/9, Second Link Street, CIT Colony,
Mylapore, Chennai – 600004
Contact No Land Line – 044 24992586
Mobile – 9884415279
Courses Offered Hobby classes, Children Arts, Fine Arts, Culinary Arts,
Cosmetology & other Activities
(Detailed Pamphlet enclosed)
Staff Employed
Full Time Six (6)
Part Time Fifteen (15)
In-House Training
Adults Over 10000 Candidates
Children Over 20000 children
External Training
Adults Over 250000 Candidates
Children Over 500000 children